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Enjoy the piece and quiet of you own home.  Existential Approach

This approach to counselling views there being a problem with living in an uncertain world.  Whether your able to face anxieties or able to release your potential.  The counsellor tries to experience things from the clients view and then tries to help them to address their problems.

This type of counselling focuses on experiences.  It sees anxiety as an inevitable and an opportunity.  It brings together the past, present and future to understand the client's life story,


The cognitive behaviouralapproach to counselling see a person 
as being influenced by their thought processes.  Their challenge is to
 help restructure these conditioned responses.  By helping with structured 
problem solving or symptom reduction approach.  They see a person as 
being able to participate in this and make their own choices.

ChristopherCampbellUS.  piece and tranquillity.Their needs to be trust between 
the counsellor and client as well 
as and acceptance to learn.   
It deals constructively with the 


stay calm and relaxed in your own home
Counselling approaches:      
This type of therapy see the person having internal conflict from childhood experience.  Which the person is not aware off and their actively trying to avoid them through unconscious processes.

The counsellor wants to help by trying to get below the surface of what their being told.  Methods to help can be free association or interpretation of dreams.

This approach is good at being able to consider deep emotions and influences that life experiences have had.

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